Qoros Logo

Qoros ist eine neugeborene Automarke mit Sitz in Shanghai, China. Seit 2007 versuchen sie, ihre Autos (hauptsächlich in Asien) mit mäßigem Erfolg zu verkaufen. Sie werden in absehbarer Zeit nicht unbedingt den Markt erobern, aber die Tatsache, dass sie in der übersättigten Industrie sogar Autos verkaufen können, ist ein Wunder.

Meaning and History

The name of the company is literally inspired by the word ‘chorus’. This should reflect the collective effort by Chery and Israel Co. – two founders of this new brand. The logo of Qoros – an image that resembles a text message – reflects the letter ‘Q’, as well as the capacity of the brand as a new voice in the industry.

2007 – now

Qoros Logo

The standard Qoros logo is a rectangle shape with rounded angles and another one like it inside. The second one also has a little trapezoid shape growing out of the bottom right corner, which makes the entire image look like a text message, or a ‘Q’ letter, if you look long enough.

While the badge itself is a metallic color, this ‘message’ image is usually depicted in black. Likewise, inside this shape you can see another rectangle, but without any appendages now and a bit thinner than the other two. It’s also painted black.

The logo is often modified by the company in different ways. The text – capital blocky ‘QOROS’ word – can be anywhere on the badge. It can be below third rectangle, directly on this rectangle, below the entire logo, or nowhere at all.

Emblem and Symbol

Qoros Emblem

They actually go to great lengths to emphasize the ‘Q’ in their branding. It’s supposed to stand for ‘Quality’, but you can really only see it after you look at the Qoros key chain, which is very obviously a ‘Q’, unlike the logo itself.

The company could frankly put more effort into making this letter their immediately recognizable symbol, but they didn’t.